Staghorn Sculpin

Leptocottus armatus

top view of a greyish fish with a round head and gracefully scalloped pectoral fins.

Common Name: Staghorn Sculpin

Scientific Name: Leptocottus armatus

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family: Animalia, Chordata, Actinopterygii, Scorpaeniformes, Cottidae

Diet: Crustaceans, algae, fish, bivalves

Habitat: Freshwater and marine, shallow coast, bays, estuaries, brackish waters, eelgrass

Range: Pribilof Islands and Port Moller in Alaska to Bahia San Quintin, Baja California

Identification: Flattened head with cheek spines that protrude out of the side of head behind the eyes, green/brown/grey coloration, scale-less

Reproduction: Spawning occurs in bays and estuaries throughout the year, 2000-11000 eggs

Behavior: Spend much of their time buried in mud/sand bottoms; capable of breathing air

Predators: Larger fish, seabirds, seals, sea lions, minks, river otters

Citations:Love, Milton S. 2011.