California Bubble Snail

Bulla gouldiana

brown snail shell with slimy brown body oozing out of it. on a sand and eelgrass background

Common Name: California Bubble Snail

Scientific Name: Bulla gouldiana

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family: Animalia, Mollusca, Gastropoda, Cephalaspidea, Bullidae

Diet: Small bivalves, snails

Habitat: Mud flats, eelgrass

Range: Pacific Coast from Alaska to Baja California, Mexico, as well as Ecuador

Identification: Brown speckled shell, with yellow body that is speckled with white, two tentacles

Reproduction: Yellow noodle-like egg clusters, laid in summer months, Hermaphrodite (has both female and male reproductive organs)

Behavior: Most activity performed at night, detection of light allows for their circadian clock to recognize day and night.

Predators: Navanax inermis

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