Blueband Hermit Crab

Pagurus samuelis

tiny green hermit crab in a brown striped snail shell. Sitting in the palm of a hand.

Common Name: Blueband Hermit Crab

Scientific Name: Pagurus samuelis

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family: Animalia, Arthropoda, Malacostraca, Decapoda, Paguridae

Diet: Brown algae and scavenge for dead animals

Habitat: Mid to high tide zones, tidepools

Range: British Columbia to Mexico

Identification: Red antennae, blue/white bands on legs, hairy,

Reproduction: Eggs develop near the female’s abdomen inside the shell

Behavior: Hermit crabs do not make their own shell. They find used shells. This hermit crab species often uses turban snail shells and is most active in the evening and at night

Predators: Fish

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